Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

for a change, i have no real plans to celebrate today.  i don't even have a costume, and normally i LOVE DRESSING UP.  in fact, i often treat getting dressed each day as a matter of which role i want to play.
but i think it will be a good day anyway.  hope the same holds true for everyone today!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

favorite things...

it is saturday, and while  i really should use the day off to clean house and do some "productive" things,   i think i might just take myself off on a photo safari....  it would be a good chance to get some great fall pictures, and a change from my usual shots of flowers etc.  of course, there is nothing wrong with flower, but it is nice to expand the horizons on occasion...

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ooh, a twofer!

it is nice to feel like i am finally getting my enthusiasm back.  i forgot how much fun i have with photography, and so i won't regret having such a long break from it,  if that is what it takes to bring back the enjoyment of it that i had been missing.

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the changing of the seasons....

while i often talk about how much i would love to live in hawaii,  the truth is that i would really miss the variety of weather and seasons we have here in the inland northwest.  there are distinct things i love about each time of year, and the continual change helps keep me from going stir crazy. 

this fall has been beautiful, and i know that when winter officially shows up, it will be beautiful too.  and of course, as the cold weather wears on, it will be a pleasure to look at pictures like this and know that the warm weather is just a short time away....

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a little bit of color

yesterday the sky was unbelievable.  it was probably one of the most gorgeous sunsets i have ever seen in spokane, and i, like a dope, did not have my camera.  so i made sure to bring it with me everywhere i went today.  and of course,  there was not a speck of color in the sky tonight on my way home.   go figure.
well, now i know.... always be prepared, and take the camera EVERYWHERE.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

long time, no post....

and no good excuses for why i haven't.  just a mild case of burn-out, i guess.  i went nearly two months without taking any pictures at all,  and honestly, the drive to to anything with photography just hasn't been there.
but the fall colors have been especially brilliant here this fall, and i am itching to get out there before they are all gone.  of course, since i haven't been out shooting yet, i don't have any pics of the colors to post.  soon, hopefully... until then, here is something else.

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