Thursday, March 22, 2012

all apologies

wow, that last one was a total debbie downer.... sorry.  to be honest now, things are looking up.  or maybe, i am just acting like an adult again.  whatever the reason,  i feel hopeful, in ways i haven't in far too long.  and i have rediscovered how much taking pictures helps with my moods.  my poor husband was actually the one to suggest a walk downtown to take pictures.  He  finally got sick of my moping and dragged me out of the house last sunday, and it was one of the best things he could have done.  i felt refreshed, and much better able to deal with the cruel joke that is early spring in spokane.  snow and rain and gusty winds anyone?  whatever the weather, whatever my job situation, whatever happens with pet surgeries, etc. i feel like i can handle it now.  photography as therapy...who knew?

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

the missing

i am having one of those days.  you know, the ones where it seems like too much work to walk across the room to bed, even if it means no nap.  partly the usual end of winter blahs, partly the result of an overabundance of free time on my hands ( i am recently out of a full time job, and into a part time one) seems i lack the self discipline i thought i had.  the less i do, the less i want to do. 
and i miss things.  i miss my parents and brother, who recently moved across the state.  i miss my job running a press, which i didn't think would be an issue.  i miss my motivation.  i miss my self control.  i miss being creative.  i miss spring.  i miss adventures.  i miss the person i was before i realized that i should probably start being responsible.   i miss the person i was before i found out how freaking SCARY the world can be.  i miss being fine with being alone.  i miss my old figure.  i miss the zest things used to have, and i know that mostly this is just a mood, and that there are definite actions i can take to change or fix some of the things that i miss.... i just seem to miss the drive i need to get up and do them.  here is hoping that better times are coming.

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