Tuesday, February 14, 2012

this is my traditional time of year for cabin fever...

at least i know i am consistent.  every year, more or less about this time, i get a raging case of cabin fever.  and, as it turns out, it has very little to do with being stuck inside by the weather.  it has been relatively dry here.  cold yes, (it IS winter after all) but no big snows like we have had in the last several years.  it is more a sense of personal stagnation.  i just want to get up and go, anywhere, in the car, by plane, by train,  whatever.  even just  a short weekend trip would help.  obviously, i would love to hold out for a luxurious, all expense paid trip to maui,  but at this point i would take two days over the idaho border in coeur d'alene.  i suppose every one settles into a routine from time to time,  and i know that there are some people who take a lot of comfort in a set pattern. in fact, if my routine gets changed, and it isn't my idea...look the heck out!  (i never claimed to make much sense. )
maybe the biggest issue is that i have apparently lost my sense of adventure.  i used to go everywhere by myself.  i even enjoyed it.  all i needed was a book, and lots of good music, and i didn't mind being on my own.  in fact, i have always been a little solitary by nature. but in the last 10 years, i seem to have forgotten how to go by myself.  and my husband is a worker by nature.  he loves to be home, working.  working on the porch, working on the fence, working on the car.  he isn't the best at spontaneously jumping in the car and heading away for day.  and i hate to ask him all the time. 
so, until i get braver, or he gets ready for a break, or i find something else to distract me, i have pictures of my past adventures to get me by.  i have lots and lots of pictures.  and i can plan for my future trips and adventures when i will come home with lots and lots more.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

good thursday...

nearly to the weekend,  and some free time with my husband.  i know it is early february, but i am so ready for blooming things, green things and wonderful mild spring weather....  i kind of long for the chance to go hiking and photographing without having to layer on the entire contents of my closet. 
oh well.... soon enough.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

look again.

as part of my search for new perspective this year, i am trying to be more aware of my surroundings.  my husband laughs at my, because, for all my love of trivia and facts, i am generally  totally oblivious to my surroundings.  so i am going to try to take the opportunity to look again at things,  to look differently at things, and to pay attention to things.  while it can be so easy to recognize the negative, it can be a lot harder to see the beauty.  but you know what?  it's out there.  so let's find it, let's see it, let's pay attention to and cherish it.

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