Friday, April 9, 2010

a saga of car shopping or the folly of giving your heart to a toyota rav 4

as a fairly impulsive person,  i have spent most of my life making snap decisions.  i try to keep the snap judgments to things and not people, and i would like to think that i am mostly successful.i can usually decide in a matter of minutes if i am going to make a purchase, or start a project, or paint the house. and i almost never have any regrets. i just decide and do.
however, i married a ponderer. and overly thrifty soul.
i tease him about being a pollack, but i really wonder if this need to over consider every miniscule detail of everything is a racial or familial characteristic, or if it is possibly the first warning symptom of a coming obsessive compulsive episode.  for example.  we are looking to buy a new car for me to drive.  we have both begun to get the feeling that the little car i drive now is rapidly approaching entrance to that great big drive-in theater in the sky.  so for nearly a year, he has been picking up "Auto-Trader" and the "nickle-nick" at the grocery store on a weekly basis, and poring over the pages with intense concentrations.  so imaging my surprise when i find that he is not in anyway way ready to buy, he just wants to know what is out there.
I don't work that way.   I don't want to look UNTIL i am ready to buy, because i will find something, fall in love with it, and then be unable to HAVE it.
which brings me to my present predicament.  after having found the "perfect" car, a 1999 toyota rav 4, in great condition, with low(ish) miles, and most importantly,a nice exterior,  leather seats and a sunroof for a very good price, his need to bargain raises its head.  after having a mechanic check the car out, he proceeds to offer the owner $1,200 less than she is asking for it.  in my mind that is quite a step down in price.  and i am guessing the owner thought so too, as that was the last we heard of her.
the moral of this story is either, a.  don't take my husband car shopping anymore, or b. try not to care about the car i am looking at, so as not to be disappointed.  because i am pretty sure, he isn't going to be changing the way he does things anytime soon.
and the absolute worst part is that i shouldn't be  mad, (even though i am, a little), because he was just trying to get us the best deal.
but i REALLY loved that little toyota.  it was black.  and really cute.  and i did  i mention the sunroof?

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