Saturday, April 10, 2010

the center cannot hold....

because it just seems like too much work.  for whatever reason lately,  i just cannot seem to get motivated.  procrastination has become the rule rather than the exception, and i would be willing to let it go if it made me happy, but all i feel right now is extreme guilt for being lazy, and agitation because everything around me seems to be cluttered and dusty and disorganized and covered in dog hair. 
i can't even seem to take care of myself lately.  it is just too much effort.  eating right?  meh.  exercising?  what is the point?
i hate being like this, but it really seems that more unmotivated i feel, the less likely it is that i will actually do anything.  i really need a kick in the butt. and some ideas on how to get started again. 
i know that having my new camera will help be inspired to go and do.  at least it will once the weather improves. and i know that once i get started, things will snowball, in the best possible way.  it has always happened that way before.  but in the meantime, i just need something, a little tiny something, to set me off.  to get me moving, and inspired, and excited about life again.  i can't wait.

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