Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i wanna be samantha brown...

for a long time, (well at least as long as i have had direct tv, which is about three years, or the duration of my married life)  i have loved the travel channel.  and apart from my love of the travel channel,   i have had a particular admiration for Samantha Brown.  and now, in this gloroious year of 210, i have realized.  when i grow up, i want to be Samantha Brown.  Never mind the fact that my husband is the same age as she is, or that i grew up in the great northwest as opposed to her great northeast.  what i love and admire about her is her sense of adventure.  i think i was born without mine.
now she is celebrating her tenth anniversary with the travel channel, and as a fan i have been watching the festivitities.   what i have discovered,  might just change my life, and i don't think i am being over dramatic.    she is afraid of water.  this seems like a small bit of info until you think about how many snorkle and dive trips she has hosted.  how many times has she been surrounded by water she was supposed to get into (surfing, scub, snorkeling etc,)  that she has actually enjoyed, all they while being out of her element. 
so that is the main reason i want to be samantha brown.  her ability to conquer fear with grace.  to watch her interact with other cultures is to see what being a traveler should be.  and wha i should reming myself of the next time i find myself out of my comfort zone, whether i am in washington state, or romania, or the dominican republic.

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