Tuesday, December 8, 2009

curse ye, oh krispy kreme...

for several years now, i have yo-yo'ed with my weight.  i quit smoking, and promptly started eating.  and naturally, the pounds packed on.  then i peeled them off.  then i relaxed, started  eating indiscriminately again, and along came all the pounds. 
this is beginning to be a habit.   and i for one am sick of it. so, once again, i have purchased some new work outs (costco had a sale on  biggest loser dvd's!)  and made up my mind to eat healthy and reasonable portions.
however,  i must have forgotten to notify the universe of my intentions, because for the last two days there have been MOUNTAINS of doughnuts at work.  doesn't matter if i am hungry or not, if they are there, i will eat them. 
and i have been left with the box of krispy kremes, unattended. 
even now, they are calling my name.  i tried to ease the craving with some black bean soup, but when you can smell, and see (and hear)  an old fashioned blueberry cake doughnut,  that doesn't come close to doing the trick.  and don't even get me started on those lovely little cream-filled bad boys.  i need someone to save me from myself. 
maybe i could have my jaw wired shut.... i will have to think about that.  and while i do, i think i will have a doughnut.

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