Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stuff the Turkey or How I ate like a total pig, in three acts

okay, so there may not be three acts (yet), but i have eaten like a total pig today, and so far i have only had breakfast.  let me tell you, the minute i saw the holiday pancakes ad for IHOP,  i knew i was in serious trouble. i mean, really, egg nog pancakes?!  who could possibly resist?  well, me... i could,  and did.  i had pumpkin pancakes and they were the AWESOME!!!

anyway,  i am sure that as the day progresses, i will continue to consume ridiculous numbers of calories.  but i will do so (mostly)  guilt free because  'tis the season!

so i hope everyone has a lovely turkey day, or tofurky day, or ham day or whatever.  despite all the stress and turmoil and chaos that can lead up to it,  i hope everyone gets the chance to sit back, relax, enjoy time with family, and most of all remember all the things that we have to be truly Thankful for.

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