Thursday, October 1, 2009

you say moody, i say temperamental...

so like the total book dork i am (my nickname in junior high and high school was, i kid you not, book maggot [cuz it was so much more than being a book worm ]), i actually looked up the definition of temperamental, just to be sure i knew what i was talking about. it is official. while my husband would say i am moody, in my quest for total self-delusion, i have decided to go with temperamental. it really doesn't matter that THEY ARE THE SAME THING!!!! no, no, moody sounds unpleasant and hormonal, while the other is redolent of poetic artsy fartsiness. you know, heathcliff and cathy on the moors, lord byron, dying of consumption, just all that romantic stuff. and in theory, it gives m license to act all weird, since you know artists and creative types...they are all so TEMPERAMENTAL. the sad truth of the matter is, it is probably just plain old moodiness, and i should just get over myself.

on a mostly unrelated note, on my trip through the dictionary, i found my new favorite word of the week!
*ahem* Slopwork - (noun) 1. The manufacture of cheap ready made clothes (is there any other kind?!) 2. Such clothes themselves (see above note) 3. Any work of inferior quality (that's my specialty!)

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