Friday, October 2, 2009

tuna casserole anyone?

i have to admit, that while i would love to be taken for a sophisticated, elegant "lady" type, the sad fact of the matter is that i really, really love tuna casserole. in the interest of full disclosure, i really, really like a lot of foods that could be termed, for lack of anything better, "white trash".
i am talking fried spam sandwiches, chili mac, pigs in a blanket, velveeta only grilled cheese sandwiches, bakery frosting, and i have a nearly unholy love of brown sugar and cinnamon pop-tarts. but i have recently discovered something else about myself. i am often more interested in the description of a food item, than i am in actually eating. so, i borrowed a few tricks to make myself feel better about my decidedly low class eating habits.
therefore, pigs in a blanket are now par-boiled tube steaks enrobed in a flaky crescent roll. tuna casserole is now a baked pasta and flaky fish in a creamy mushroom gravy, topped with a golden layer of bubbly melted cheddar cheese. sounds delish, no?
so, anyone up for an exotic spiced ham, pan seared and topped with caramelized pineapple, on a sliced artisan loaf, with a creamy emulsion? (fried spam sammich with pineapple and mayo... boy that really hits the spot!)

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