Saturday, October 31, 2009

i can do it!

here we are, preparing to "celebrate" another halloween. which, for me means staying home, eating a jack o'lantern shape pizza and watching the five scariest episodes of the ghost hunters. EVER! last year, i made a solemn vow to not leave the house again on halloween as the whole world tends to go mad. after weeks of watching a family member try to recover (unsuccessfully) from the fall out, i decided that it just wasn't worth it anymore. i don't drink, i don't party, so why not stay home?
but don't think for a minute that means i won't be dressing up. i am... in fact during the "safe" daytime hours, i am going to manufacture as many errands as i can think of, all so people can enjoy the splendor and eye searing cuteness that is me, dressed up as rosie the riveter. ta-da! and of course, since i am totally enamored of looking a photos of myself (ALL THE TIME) pictures to follow.
Happy Halloween kids!

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