Monday, October 5, 2009

does this couch make my butt look big?

as a direct result of a late night trip to hasting's on friday night, i spent a truly appalling amount of time with my butt firmly wedged into the groove i have previously worn into the couch cushion. i know i shouldn't have spent the money, but i just couldn't resist buying season two of the x-files on dvd. and of course, once purchased, it has to be viewed IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner. (it isn't even a relevant show that i couldn't tear myself away from.)
the only thing that kept me from finishing all twenty five episodes (i have two and a half to go!) is that i couldn't figure out how to get the tv and dvd player into the shower without electrocuting myself.
oh, the shame... oh, the horror... oh, i had better get some more microwave popcorn, so i have snack while i finish watching it tonight.

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