Wednesday, September 30, 2009

blue funk

i don't know if it is the completion of a project, or the season, or just the fact that i ate too many brownies last night, but i cannot seem to get myself out of this blue funk. it isn't that i am depressed (at least not more so than usual), just that i can't seem to get motivated to do anything. i slept for more hours this weekend than i have since high school. ( can it really be twelve years since high school?! i might hyperventilate...) the dishes are piling up, my husband is wasting away since i can't seem to be bothered to make dinner, and nothing seems interesting.
i did just finish a giant collage project on my dining room wall. it turned out well, normally i would be raring to go on another project, but right now all i want to do is sit on the couch and let my eyes glaze over while staring dumbfounded at reruns of bones and destination truth. even excessive amounts of coffee aren't getting my engine revving.
add to that the fact that my husband has the energy levels and attention span of a cracked out twelve year old. every time he calls me on his lunch break he has a ten page list of things he wants to do after work including but not limited to...working out, winterizing the house, working on the cars, sweeping out the garage, playing his bass. Seriously?! there have been days lately where i couldn't even drag myself through the shower because it was too much work. oh well, if there is one thing i do well, it is doing nothing. i guess for now, i will just go with my strengths.

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