Saturday, August 8, 2009

a little adventure with an abandoned bridge, and transient.

so, today, in the pursuit of Independence, and being all artsy and crap, i thought, as i had nothing better to do, that i would find things to take pictures of. i have recently deemed myself a "photographer", and sporadically wander about snapping shots of the underside of maple trees, and extreme close ups of various flowers, etc. the really surprising thing about all this, is that i don't completely suck. (well surprising to me anyway.) okay, back on track.

generally, when i want to take any pictures, i make my husband accompany me to one of the many gorgeous parks around town. today, however, he was working, and since i am getting really tired of being one of those people who can't seem to do anything alone, i thought, "that is it. i am going to go, BY MYSELF, to take some pictures."

for awhile now i have been eyeballing this old abandoned rail road bridge that crosses the river near my house. there is just something really striking about the combination of symmetrical iron bars over the river, and all the trees growing down the banks. because the centennial trail goes right by it, the actual entrance to the bridge has been closed with chain link fencing, because apparently, no one trusts us to think for ourselves, and also, to not fall down.

in my newly brave and independent state i decide that i should climb over all the underbrush, and railings to the mouth of the tunnel, so i can stick my camera through the fence and get some (in my mind) REALLY COOL PICTURES!!!! so after taking some far and near shots, i get to climbing. at this point, i am fairly sure i was talking to myself out loud, about how best to approach the coming climb without

A. hurting myself, but good, and

B. falling in the river carrying my camera and other difficult or expensive to replace items.

the other important thing to note about the location of this very picturesque bridge, it that it is more or less across the street from the union gospel mission. therefore, i should have been unsurprised by the fact that i was essentially climbing around in some one's "home". i think i would have been okay, if not for the fact that, i am pretty sure he was relieving himself.

it was a much shorter trip back through the underbrush, and over the rails, than it had been getting there.

but the day wasn't a complete wash. i managed to get some good pictures anyway.

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  • At August 9, 2009 at 8:57 AM , Blogger Aunt Becky said...

    I've always admired anyone who roamed around looking for cool stuff to take pictures up. I'm not artistic enough to ever consider doing anything like that, but I appreciate the hell out of anyone who is.


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