Monday, June 1, 2009

poor puppy. poor me.

after a week's vacation i would expect to find myself back at work at least partially refreshed and relaxed, but instead, i feel like i need to recover from a week of non-stop stress and worry. of course, that isn't entirely true. i did get to have some fun, but the majority of the week was spent taking care of my two year old goldendoodle, who had to have surgery on a dislocated hip.
there is nothing worse than having an animal (or small child for that matter) in pain. when you can't explain it to them, and tell them it won't hurt forever, it is horrible. she is doing much better now, but she is still limping around on three legs, and there is really no knowing when she will be back to normal. or as close to it as possible.
added to that, the high cost of medical care, even for pets is absurd. it seems to be an industry that has pet owners over a barrel. go broke paying to have your animal cared for, or be a real bastard of an owner just to save money. guess which route we took. =) this has been the year of unexpected expenses, and none of them were avoidable. just when we had heaved a sigh of relief and hatched a plan to build up our savings, we find ourselves $8000.00 down.
i do know that this too shall pass, but in the meantime, give me a break! enough already!
i could really get on board with a winning lottery ticket right about now.

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