Friday, May 22, 2009

brain drain

so the main reason i thought i would post entries (other than because it seems less like talking to myself if i put it online) was to kind of kick start my creativity. however, i got nuthin'. pretty sad for someone who used to pride herself on her writing. (and maybe that is the problem. pride goeth before a fall and all of that.) i never really had to work too hard to be pleased with the things i was writing before. of course i had more "free" time then, as i was in college and not taking it too seriously. now. with all the joys of being a responsible, employed adult, far too often i feel like i want to come home and turn my brain off completely. oh well. i am on vacation this week, so maybe i can recharge, and instead of being slightly eaten up with jealousy when i see some creative type "creating", just maybe i can get some ideas and some follow through of my own. otherwise, i may as well hang it up, and just become one of those vacant sit-com watchers that i fear i am becoming.


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