Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pigeons and puppy mills...

we have a pair of nesting pigeons above the employee entrance at work. i named them fred and ginger, which i really shouldn't have done, as the last time we had pigeons the landlord's son and his friend killed them. i was furious, since killing them was totally unnecessary. we weren't bothered by them, they weren't causing a tremendous mess, and it was pretty cool getting to see the nesting and hatching up close. i haven't seen them today, and now i am starting to be concerned... i hope they are okay. of course, i am the only one here who even cares, so it isn't like i can campaign for their safety...
which brings me to the program i watched on animal planet last night about puppy mills. it is heartbreaking that these dogs are crammed in cages for life. many states do not have stringent enough laws to protect the animals, and those that do only require the bare minimum of care (food, shelter and water). people who abuse animals should be skinned. or at least subject to similar penalties as people who abuse children. generally they receive a fine, and a short probation period. it is nowhere near punishment enough. if i had a hundred million dollars, i would rescue every dog i could get my hands on.
i wonder what it says about me as a person, when i have more compassion and anger on behalf of animals, than i do for people? oh well. i can learn to live with it.

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